The Process

A bathroom needs to be an incredibly practical space and cater for many everyday functions:  the morning rushes, the relaxing oasis, the powder room for visiting guests and the hectic night time rush to get children into bed, in some cases can even serve as dog washes and laundry rooms

With qualified and experienced tradespeople on board and experience in design and bathrooms, we can help transform your space into a functional space that withstands the many demands of a bathroom without compromising on the look, style and feel of your space

Site Visit


In order to get a quotation that reflects your vision we start with a site visit from Darren.


At this initial visit Darren will assess your current bathroom and gain an understanding of what it is you are wanting to achieve. He will also assess the extent of trades needed to accomplish your goals.

You will discuss Budgets, Styles, Layouts, and the extent of work to be completed.

Darren will then formulate a quote based on the above information and include a price for fixtures, fitting and finishes based on your budget

Choosing the fixtures, fittings and finishes

Once you have made the decision to go ahead with your renovation, its time to do the fun part - go shopping!

You will go to MO Tiles (our sister company) in Barrington to choose flooring, tiles, and fixtures and fittings.

We will then discuss your timeline with you and schedule you in for your start date!

The Renovation

This is the exciting part! Where tangible progress can be seen.

Leading up to your start date you will have another meeting with Darren, he will let you know what to expect while our team is onsite and organise access with you.

With our experienced and qualified team of trades we make this process as seamless as possible, working to restore your bathroom as quickly as possible to give you your space back.


During the renovation Darren is available for any questions you have.

Things to consider

Underfloor Heating

Whether you choose to use it or not, having it installed is a nice selling point for your home


Waterproofing is this membrane that ensures you house stays dry. Always choose a certified applicator. We are experts in waterproofing.

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